Connecting People....Connecting Life

Really? How are we helping people connect? Why does it matter? Today people "connect" in many ways. While most would agree that a face-to-face interaction is best, it is not always possible. Social Networks are making it possible to for people to "get to know" other people all over the world without meeting them face-to-face. Because of these connections, new business ventures are formed, ideas fostered, friendships made, and the world gets a little smaller.

How are we helping?

While all the available tools make the majority of this available, they rarely, if ever, make the use of these contacts in other sources of communications (like email) user friendly. That's our focus. We are making it easier, and soon we will introduce unique tools designed to make the use of these connections user friendly and beneficial.

Why does it matter?

It matters because we need the connections interaction we get from Social Networks. We also need to be able extend and expand on these connections using other solutions, and this needs to be easy to use.

This is just the beginning! We hope you will tell us some of the features you would like to see in this respect as well. We're taking Social Network and your connections to the next level - come along for the ride!



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