LinkedIn Contact Importer

This tool was designed to provide a Lotus Notes Domino Interface to the contacts of your LinkedIn Network. It is currently offered for free on NotesCode. It uses the CSV files offered by LinkedIn to "synchronize" your
contacts with your personal address book so you can utilize them for mail and other aspects of
Lotus Notes/Domino. ...more    Download Now    How to Use


Notes/Domino Record Locking

We created this tool back in the Notes 4.6x days - but it still performs well. It is cluster sensitive, scalable, and flexible. And guess what - locking even in web based applications! It can manage locks in distributed and single-server environments. One positive over Lotus' implementation is there is no reliance on the Administration Server and the AdminP task. Also, you can have control where the locks are maintained and how they control access. ...more


Win32 Menu Creator (OpenNTF Project)

This tool was submitted as an OpenNTF project, and is now available for free there. The tool uses the Win32 API and Lotus Notes documents to manage and display popup menus from many different areas such as Action Buttons, Action Hotspots, essentially anywhere you can put LotusScript code. Check it out here.



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